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    Chris Lail

    Sorry for the lack of a write up. I’m super busy this weekend working on my house. Anyway, the game is on now and the lineup is pretty strange. Diogo is playing RW with Reyes on LW and Moreno at LB with Navarro at CB.

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  3. tirasus

    My god. Trochowski, Rakitic and Reyes….we have…dare I say it….passing

    Already far more pleased with general link up play than the entire of our last league match.

    As long as Reyes helps Moreno out in defence and Trochowski can cope defensively in midfield, this is ok.

    Diogo as a winger must be the second or third time we’ve seen this, usually as a sub, but he has done ok before. Shown some good technical ability before, so I’m ok with this.

  4. tirasus

    Trochowski tracks Canales all the way down the pitch during a counter. Good to see Trochowski still has legs for it. He was out for so long that sometimes players lose a lot of pace.

    Need to get more players supporting Bacca after long balls. He can’t do everything himself. He is hardly the most clinical of players as it is

  5. tirasus

    Rakitic called offside. Ridiculous – he was a couple of yards onside

    Hurdled Bravo and landed on his shoulder. Hope he’s ok

  6. tirasus

    Half time.

    Well that was ok from Sevilla. Some good play. Diogo hasn’t really got on the ball at all, but other than that, every other player has done his job reasonably well. Reyes does much better when he has a Moreno motoring down the left! Rakitic has far more midfield support, Trocho has done well, Carrico consistent as usual.

    I’m ready for the second half

  7. shendm

    Nice play so far. Players seem eager to win, and that is always a good sign !

    On another note, maybe not the best time to bring this up, but just in case I forget later, and for all of you that probably didn’t know about this, even though it was heavily rumored, here we go:

    According to a very reputable newspaper in Croatia, Vecernji List, they are stating (based also on some very informed sources in Spain) that Rakitic has already been sold to Atletico Madrid and the transfer is a ‘job done’ thing for now. The fee is said to be around 15-17 million Euros. The transfer will take place in the summser window. I am not the one to believe rumors, but I know this is a reputable newspaper in Rakitic’s homeland, and it is very logical also to assume that this kind of transfer will take place. They also said that Rakitic is not trying to make this known (the transfer) because of the fans that adore him in Sevilla and of course… he is the captain ! It will be a blow for us in the midfield of course, but maybe this is the better way to go. This reminds me of the Navas case, where we were spouting crap all over , he will go, no he won’t go and all that, and then it turned out (out of Navas’s mouth) that he knew about the transfer at least 6 months before it took place. HENCE the unmotivated performances of Navas then, and of Rakitic now lately. Also I suspect that Negredo knew about the trasnfer also months before it took place. This is not good for our team, knowing that we are thin on quality players and fight for a Eropean place, we should not make these kind of pre-deals and act like nothing is happening, then all of a sudden, BOOM Rakitic is gone. If you haven’t heard it anywhere else, you’re hearing it here for the first time. Be prepared to waive goodbye to our captain in the summer, regardless of his WC performance.

    Now, the only concern will be, WHO will substitute him in that role ? I will constantly pray that we don’t mess up things like when trying to substitute Navas with the likes of Jairo/Vitolo some second-tier players (relegated) or with a shaky Marin. In my view, only Gabi (which of course doesn’t happen) or the likes of him would be the best substitution case for Rakitic, otherwise it is a total failure and it will cost the team a lot.

    Pardon me again for bringing this up, but just in case you know…

    Now let’s go on with the second half, we need 3 points tonight, and based on the match so far, we can do it !

    VAMOSSSS !!!

    1. tirasus

      Ah crap, (just read this after I posted). What has changed in the last couple of months that would make him want to leave?

  8. tirasus

    Ugh, at half time, Guillem and Toshack going on about how Rakitic’s buyout clause is going to be about half what it was, and how Sevilla are willing to sell with Raktiic willing to leave.

    Say WHAT?!

    I seem to remember Rakitic in an interview stating that he didn’t want to go anywhere and that he is very happy. He was also made captain, I believe he settled with a local girl(?) and he has his own bar (still open?). Plus, a contract extension’s purpose isn’t just to fiddle with the buyout clause, it also helps with keeping a player playing for longer…

  9. tirasus


    Ball in the back of the net by Bacca, during a creative set piece. Refs whistle blows. Presumably from ball going out of play…supposedly

  10. tirasus

    Bravo attempting to get a freekick. Throws himself down. Ref given a FK to Sevilla, rightly so, for hand ball instead

  11. tirasus

    Reyes off for. Carlos Fernandes. He was doing ok I thought, but never mind. Seems Jairo is invisible again. He must stop using that power of his

  12. tirasus

    YES! Diogo with a great run and pass to Gameiro, who keeps the ball and scores. That’ll give Gameiro some confidence too!!!

  13. tirasus

    Wow, Gameiro’s awareness of the players are him is so much better than Bacca’s. Bacca has the werful running, but at times can be very selfish. If Gameiro can get into a proper run of confidence and goal scoring, for me, he is a far better player

  14. tirasus

    This is what we want to see. The passion in this game has been brilliant. You can see the hunger to win. Why don’t we see this every game?

  15. skallum

    I’d say a deserved 1-0 win, compared to last week. Looked better, Diogo playing good and when Gameiro added another dimension as well. Let’s get some streak going now!

  16. shendm

    Great win tonight ! I’m very happy with all aspects of the game. Do you guys also think that Figueiras should feature more in the right wing ? As much as it sounds ridiculous, he could really be our Dani Alves… why not ?

    Moreover, Coke bragged him during the last minutes of the match, and he seems happier now that he doesn’t need to compete with him for a full-back place. Healthy competition is always good of course, but I see Figueiras more in the attacking side of the right wing, as he is naturally offensive-minded.

    Important 3 points, now we’re putting pressure on Valencia and those below us to compete for the 7th spot. Not bad. Vamos mi Sevilla !

  17. shendm

    Besides, that Carlos Fernandez kid impressed me tonight, made only one passing error but didn’t lose the ball and hat some nice lethal touches. Also created a chance with Gameiro and Bacca…. our new Kanoute ? LOL :P (This is the bad thing about the enthusiasm of the moment)

  18. Aaron

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! As always, they were great to read since I couldn’t watch the match live. We’re sitting in Europe now!

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    Chris Lail

    The game was awesome. I took a break from painting to watch and boy was it worth it. I was really nervous with the lineup, thinking it was too defensive, but I was very wrong. I thought Diogo was very good and the run and pass for the game winner was brilliant. The midfield was dominate and Rakitic was dangerous with his free kicks. I’m not sure if the ball was over the line or not on Fazio to Bacca header, but it was great set piece.

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    1. shendm

      Hi Chris, for some reason I cannot login into the forums in order to write there. I am already logged in in the wp site, but when I go to the forums section and try to login, it tells me that my username is wrong, even though I’m using the same username and password as the wp site here that we are commenting. Should I register a new account for forums or something ?


    2. timspence1

      Hi Chris, I don’t think the new contract is final yet but we should get some conclusive news, yes or no, in the next few weeks.

      I ask you all to think what Ivan does for the team and if possible share it with us so we can speculate on the future of Ivan Rakitic

      My perspective is that he delivers some great dead ball passes, but not always and he’s missed three out of six penalties.

      He is not afraid to score and is very capable of scoring great goals under pressure in big games.

      He is iconic in the team, captain, good spokesman, has a great attitude, character and is a true leader.

      He’s not the fastest player.

      His position within the team give Emery headaches and possibly reduces all the possible permutations and variations that Emery could use.

      He is presently at the peak of his career, possibly he could improve more but will not get any faster.

      What is he worth on the market as a Summer signing?

  21. skallum

    I’m questioning a lot of the prices paid these days for players, and in the end its just how bad is someone wanted and what does his overly prices contract clause say. If I see Illaramendi or Isco around 40 million each, its ridiculous. The Market value of Rakitic is about 15-20 million, but to sell him for 15-17 million is quite a bad deal in my opionion, I’d say 25 m, with a minimum of 20 m.

    His form is not as good as it was, a month or two ago, and I can imagine it has something to do with an already sealed deal. Things I don’t like, and when you get those standard replies, such as I’m only foccusing on Sevilla and I’m not thinking of anything else, I’m happy here… etc. Which I think is Sincere with Rakitic, however I feel it’s always a bad sign.

    About him as a player, his shooting ability is worldclass, really worldclass. Just as his througballs (starting counter attacks) and longballs, and set-pieces in general. And a Central Attacking role fits him the best I’d say, but he can drop down deeper back sometimes but not all the time since that unables his most dangerous skills. He is a captain, and he’s got character, but those moments last months also with those penalties (three!)are no no’s, instead nobody wanted to take some, which I can not imagine with Gameiro and Bacca there. His defensive qualities improved, but not his strongest. All in all, a very complete midfielder and has been awesome for Sevilla as a player and we should be thankfull for that.

    The other factor is that World Championship in Brazil, which can only let his value rise, those big matches is where the whole world sees, criticises or possibly adores him, a done deal now whould be a shame.

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    1. timspence1

      Hi Chris, there’s a feeling that Betis will push their entire season into those derbys trying to rescue a bit of pride, the Betis fans have started supporting the team at training, while previously they were at the point of closing the training sessions because of the abuse.

      Trying too hard is sometimes a double-edged sword, so I’m not worried.

      There’s also big queues in Nervion trying to get tickets.

      Another thing to consider is the money, not having to fly 22 players and 50 staff to another country will be saved and they’re both going to sell more tickets and get more TV revenue for a Derby encounter.

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  24. timspence1

    Well if you like the Sevilla anthem, you can download my new remastered version for your android mobile ringtone or simply to listen to, I mixed the original el Arrebato version with authentic version of the stadium from last years Real Madrid game and it comes complete with some TV commentary praising the anthem. I also mixed some new drums on the front end. People tell me it reminds them of the stadium where you here the music start up followed by the fans singing and occasionally drowning out the sound system.

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