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Sevilla, our team, plays today. It’s this sport again that we return to, the one that lifts us with good form, winning ways, and LFP players of the month just before it heaves us downward in a heartless, five-game winless streak of a suplex.

Is “Vamos mi Sevilla” starting to feel a bit sarcastic sometimes because we never seem to go anywhere? Are we just a middle table underachiever?

We’ll see some familiar frustrations across the field today in Valencia, a team who has struggled this season to find consistent form. Maybe our English speaking Valencia blogs out there are writing the same preview with the names reversed.

I don’t know who will play but I hope we put out the team that can score! Gee, I also hope we don’t let any in! We’ve been a shaky Jenga tower in the back, which has largely negated a pretty great offensive season in which we’re averaging 1.83 goals a match. For example, we’ve scored as many goals as 4th place Bilbao, but we’re 13 points behind them. Oops! Fix it, defense!

I envision a few things:
– no shots off the post–only goals
– Rakitic got a hair cut and will be so nimble and deft that he’ll assist four goals and score one himself
– surprise Gameiro hat trick (literally, he will pop out of a hat to sub into the match in a new hat store’s crazy marketing scheme we’ve agreed to)
– a small child visiting the RSP for the first time will have the best night of his life
– I will mean it when I yell


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  1. timspence1

    Big game tonight, a six pointer, Valencia come on the back of a good run with lots of confidence, we need to smash them to pieces.

  2. Niller

    My hope for a line-up(which means it will probably not be this one):

    Some of these changes wouldn’t mind me though:

    Beto vs. Varas: From two top-goalkeepers at the start of the season to two average keepers. Beto has not been impressive recently and a reminder that Varas is on the bench would suit him well.

    Without Diogo/Cicinho and M’bia this is the strongest defence in my opinion. I don’t think Cristoforo will play tonight. Instead I hope Trochowski will get the chance and play in front or on line with Rakitic. I fear Rakitic will play alongside Iborra and Cherysev will start in one of the four front-positions.

    Then there’s Gameiro… he’s got the pace to be a real winger and I would like to see him play more out there. Perhaps instead of Jairo.

    Valencia is in a decent streak right now and we are in a bad streak. I don’t know what to expect with this team but I think it is fair to demand a 110% perfomance!


  3. Anonymous

    Well, well, well. Valencia fan here, the last time is visited and commented on this site was the last day of last season. This is a fantastic oportunity for revenge and get Emery sacked at the same time.

  4. timspence1

    This looks like the lineup from twitter

    Beto; Coke, Fazio, Pareja, Alberto; Carriço, Iborra; Vitolo, Rakitic, Reyes, y Bacca.

    Would have preferred Varas in goal, get him warmed up for UEFA

    1. timspence1

      Fernando Navarro has been excellent this season, his best so far in my opinion.

      Normally Emery leaves some of his best players on the bench but with Mbia out and Cristóforo out of favour the midfield is a bit predictable.

      Jazzer asks on the previous blog about the return of Caparrós, it’s a very interesting question that should have a blog post of its own. Personally I loved the football of Caparrós but I also believe that Emery is a genius. I’ve watched his training sessions and they are the most complex and demanding even going down to playing 2 against 2 plus goalkeeper. The two players have to interconnect to produce a goal. I remember seeing Fazio hit the hardest shot I’ve ever seen, the ball fizzed through the air and the goalkeeper couldn’t handle the power. He’s got the most powerful shot when he connects with the ball.

    2. Post
  5. Scott

    Mann anyone have a place where I can watch? The site that I usually use doesn´t have any links this time. I have to listen to it on the radio which is just ehh

  6. tirasus

    Great work by Iborra to win the ball, and then it while on the floor to get it out of the box. He really has stepped it up since his first few appearances

  7. shendm

    Rakitic, Reyes and Vitolo = totally off this first half. What the hell is wrong with them ?

    They better step it up the next half or we are going to evoke yet another painful defeat. Valencia is not proving to be any better… they are trying to waste time and counter-attacking just for the sake of it, trying to get advantage of our sometimes silly-and-shaky defense.

    Come on guys, beat the bastards !

  8. timspence1

    Not dominating doesn’t mean defeat but I feel safer when we dominate a game. Thankfully Valencia have been totally useless when they get near the Sevilla goal. We could win this, with a bit more domination we are more likely to score than Valencia. The worry is that we lose confidence. The game needs a spark and the last time Sevilla had a player that could spark a game was with Danial Alves.

    1. skallum

      Indeed, possesion is just a tool to win a game. A tool we don’t appear to have, to bad. Just like effectiveness is a tool (Atlético and last weeks Barça) or creating a lot of chances

  9. jolazo

    Cristoforo for Iborra, because when you have the other team pinned back, its always a good idea to straight swap defensive midfielders

    1. shendm

      I was watching the match with a friend of mine (bayern fan) and I really couldn’t find a proper explanation as to why Cheryshev was on the field tonight. The joke (could be true :P) was: He surely must have a rich father that is paying decent amounts for him to have as much minutes as possible in important matches.

  10. tirasus

    I wanted to see Jairo, but it doesn’t matter now. Don’t really see why he has fallen out of favour this calendar year. Up until the winter holidays he was being quite consistent and playing reasonably well

  11. shendm

    Ahh… screw this. When are we going to get out of this helpless situation ?

    Rakitic – Worst performance of the season for him so far… exclude 1-2 legitimate passes/crosses.

    Cheryshev – Why the hell is he even in the field ? Why the hell Jairo isn’t ? No one understands this. He got a penalty alright, but the case where he was sent off for simulation was way more of a penalty than the first case.

    Reyes, Vitolo – As always, inconsistent and shaky

    After all, our players should really focus and train on decision-making when attacking, and preferably, train SCORING for god’s sake… especially free-kicks and penalties.. maybe Cap Rak shouldn’t execute them anymore (penalties), now that he missed all of the latest ones he had, excluding that almost-missed one against Atletico. It is becoming a 95% to 5% for the miss whenever he is taking it, which is silly.

    We dominated and were the far better side, but without ‘repairing’ the things I mentioned above, as much as I want to remain positive and optimistic, it will be hard for us to finish the season in our favor.. and by that I mean at least an European place for the next season and a decent exiting in EL. I’m quite worried now.

  12. Niller

    Jesus christ… a couple of poor perfomances out there. Rakitic did not play well and when Reyes left the pitch, who was supposed to create the chances? Vitolo who didn’t play that well either? Iborra or Carrico as the two defensive midfielders? Cherysev? I got furious when I saw Cherysev preparing to enter the field! Yes he got a penalty but that was the only decent thing he managed to pull of and if we had won 1-0 I probably wouldn’t criticize him, but now: Emery plzzzzz choose either Jairo or Trochowski over Cherysev next game! Plz!

    The ref was terrible once again, so no surprises there. But most of all this is all our own fault. We had the chances but no-one took them and we are left with an unsatisfying point. A shame really..

  13. timspence1

    disappointed with the corners, nothing of danger produced, at least Michel had brilliant corners.

    Once again we were thwared by the referee, having blown one penalty he couldn’t blow another, it’s a shame – it was a game of four penalties and the ref blew just one.

    But the main problem is that we cannot be boss in a game, there’s two sides to football, bossing the game and having the fancy football to score. We have the fancy football but we cannot impose ourselves on the game, therefore we are short of a significant trick.

    No sign on the horizon of one player who can dictate a game, Rakitic once again fails his third penalty of the season – every penalty to the goalkeepers right side – this is too predictable.

    Referee by all counts cost us the game once again, we were superior enough to warrant a victory.

  14. Mark

    I’m not sure where to start with this one? Was the disappointing result down to bad luck with the non reward of more penalties (would we have converted them)? Was it down to a more than frequent poor performance of the players? Was it down to a dogged defensive performance from our opponent? Was it largely contributed by our manager to impose a winning strategy for our players to follow?
    You could argue, it was all a combination of those, but I feel that would be too easy, too convenient and a rather lazy way to appraise the game. My take on this is that we are playing with this formation which is not conducive to attacking football. I have always questioned do we really need in every game to play with two defensive midfielders? How is it possible to take the game to your opponent? Players in attacking potions seemed isolated with very few options; our attacking play is very predictable and easy for teams to defend against. I just felt for large periods, our play was totally ineffective. We could’nt manufacture any sort of chance or shot on goal. It was like watching a team playing for the first time together? Totally disjointed and very unbalanced.
    The players are not performing the correct application of the system, either because certain players are not suited to roles in which they are asked to perform, perhaps asking too much? (Rakatic for example), or put in a simpler way, the players are perhaps are mentally tired of playing a very one dimensional somewhat complicated style of football. I feel the coach constantly yelling instructions at the players can be a hindrance. The players from very early on in this game looked bemoaned of attacking spirit? The intensity very quickly drained from our play. Personnel choices are also a factor. For example when we need a bit more trickery, something creative we don’t seem to alter our play in anyway? For example, why has Jairo been banished out of squad for the last few weeks? What’s happened to Marko Marin? In short, to say I’m confused is an understatement.
    The next three games will make or break our system, Maribor away and home, sandwiched in between is a very prickly away game at Rayo, fighting for every point now to starve off relegation. On their own patch quite a formidable opponent. I sincerely our fortunes change for the better.

  15. Niller

    Apparently Valencia are also complaining about the ref. They don’t think Ricardo Costa earned is first yellow card and therefor shouldn’t have been shown the red card. Then they are claiming they should have gotten a penalty and the one that we got, wasn’t there.

    A long discussion about who the ref favored the most might be incredible boring, so I’ll just say that the ref was really really bad. But just so we are clear Valencia: the ref did not favor Sevilla either! If Cherysev didn’t get that penalty there are plenty more situations where we might have gotten one. And the Ricardo Costa-red card… well, the first yellow card might be a bit harsh but the ref had no other choice than to give him his second. But after that another Valencia-player played some handball and no card was given. It was like a Song-situation…
    And finally: Cherysev should not have been handed a yellow card for diving. He was obviously kicked and either that is a penalty or no card. In my opinion…

  16. Post
  17. Mark

    To be fair to Cheryshev, he really earned us two pens on the night. He was abviously trying to get us back into the game. Really poor he was sent off, that foul was chrysal clear. Emery sees something in him, personally I would prefer Jairo. Play him from the start and see how he goes? My only concern is that he is a loan player with no buy option, therefore I would always priortise minutes to our contracted players. It cannot be good for their morale if they are being favoured over players that are leaving in 4 months.

    1. Post
      Chris Lail

      I feel the same Mark. I don’t like playing loanees over our contracted players. That is my main reason for screaming for Cristoforo to start over Pareja (move Carrico back to CB.) I also do not get why Jairo has completely fallen out of favor. I hope to see him in action today.

    2. shendm

      I totally agree with you Mark and Chris, Jairo is looking like a poor kid in the bench… as he is not in the team’s plan anymore or something like that… it’s a shame. He was just starting to get our cheering and now he fell off just like that, can’t understand it… did he punch Emery or what ?

      Cheryshev is not the player that doesn’t care during the time he is in the field… he tries of course, but I don’t see his capacity being greater than Stefanovic’s that we just loaned out and now that guy lost his head.

      I saw the lineup and noticed that we are kind of playing with the second team… agains Maribor, away. That might seem alright if we are fighting for the title in La Liga and want to concentrate only there, but I can’t god damn understand it, how we are playing with the second team against Maribor away when Europa League just MIGHT be the only way for us playing in Europe next season, and getting some recognition in Europe as in the golden days. Rotation ? It is not the time. I mean, playing week-in-week-out doesn’t really tire our players that much, they are professionals after all and should handle 2 games a week without a problem. Varas would be the only rotation that I would use, considering he is sort of in the same level as Beto, not much of a difference truly, they are both decent.

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