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Chris Lail Europa League 32 Comments

Sevilla goes into the second leg match today with the Slovenian side NK Maribor having netted two away goals in the first leg.  Sevilla, although unbeaten in Europa, are still trying to get back into form even though they scored a 1-0 victory on Sunday in La Liga against a possession dominating Rayo side.  From all accounts Sevilla looked terrible Sunday, but Captain Rakitic once again placed a beauty of a ball on the head of Coke for the game winner.  The two away goals make for interesting strategy by Emery.  Does he hunker down and play for the shut out, or does he drive for victory out right?

A few interesting facts I found about the match from the UEFA site:

  • Sevilla have not won this round of games In Europa since 2007
  • This is the first time Maribor or any Slovenian side has reached the knockout stages of the tournament.
  • Maribor are 1-6-3 in their last ten Europa league games.
  • Sevilla are 2-1 in Shoot Outs in UEFA league games.
  • Maribor have never been involved in a ShootOut in UEFA games
  • The winners of this round will face Betis or FC Rubin Kazan in the round of 16.  If Sevilla and Betis meet it will be the first time in any UEFA tournament competitions.

Hopefully I can watch the game on my phone.  If you have access to Watch ESPN you should be able to stream it.  I think it is also being broadcast on ESPN Deportes here in the states.  Let’s win this damn thing boys so we can put the beat down on Betis 4 times this year, especially since we will probably not see them next season unless it’s in the Copa!


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    Chris Lail

    Carriço – Trochowski
    Reyes – Gameiro – Vitolo

    I really like the lineup! Glad to see Trochowski getting the start. Once Mbia is back, I would like to see us go this direction more with Carriço pairing with Fazio in the back. But first, let’s see how today pans out!

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  6. skallum

    That was a very nice passing attack, for a minute or two, looked great. Love those, no ending to the attack however but doesn’t matter yet.

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    1. jolazo

      Long ball flicked on by Vitolo I think and Gameiro beat his guy and shot across the keeper inside the far post from just inside the box

  11. René

    thanks for the comments guys.

    seems like europa has a whole bunch of insane games going on now. napoli on the brink of elimination now ahead of swansea… frankfurt possibly knocking out porto. lazio on the brink by some ludogorets team.

    lets keep a clean sheet and feel good about what sounds like a well played match

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    Chris Lail

    hey just a quick shoutout to check out the forums on the site. you can navigate there by clicking the Forum link at the top. I started a Champion’s league thread in the “other Leagues” category.

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  15. Niller

    Damn! The first time Trochowski gets a real chance and I couldn’t watch the match. But thanks to you guys I understand that he did a good job? It’s no secret that I didn’t understand why Cherysev got more minutes than Trochowski but hopefully that will change soon.
    There is one thing that might ruin that scenario: Pareja. Emery is apparently a huge fan of him and therefor we bought him permanently. Does that mean we will see more Fazio-Pareja than Fazio-Carrico? In my opinion Carrico should play every game but that will take up one of the spots on a three-player-midfield. Rakitic will probably occupy the other spot which leaves one spot for the likes of Trochowski, Cristoforo, Iborra, M’bia and Marin.

    But Emery quite likes changing the formation from game to game so it’s possible that he somehow makes room for all of them…

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      Chris Lail

      I’m not so sure if Pareja will be the #1 when Mbia comes back. Emery has subbed Pareja and moved Carrico back to CB in the last two games I got to see, bringing Iborra on to play Carrico’s CDM position. I think Pareja is mostly a veteran cover option with the chance of being a number one if Fazio is sold and no better replacement is found. This confounds the sale of Cala for me though.

  16. Mark

    Great to see our old boys Navas and Negredo bag their first English title. The League Cup. Navas scored in the final.

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