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Sevilla – Barcelona Match Comments

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A few short weeks ago, Sevilla were on an incredible run of form, and looked ready to start a thorough and long-term assault on the European parts of the table if not the Champions League spots at the very top of the table. Halfway through the match two weeks ago, in fact, things continued to seem that way: hosting Levante, they’d come back from 0–1 to take a 2–1 lead. And then, after taking the lead, they…quickly shit the bed, conceded two goals, and then lost the game. The following week, they hosted rivals Malaga, a team that had gone scoreless in its previous 3 games, and repeated the same feat allowing another three goals to a team that averaged less than a goal per game before facing Sevilla. Sunny dispositions and optimistic feelings around this blog quickly changed to something not unlike despair. Reader Mark had a really in-depth comment that nicely summarized the milieu: how are we dropping leads late in the game, why are we playing the people we’re playing, why are we sitting the people we’re sitting, and just generally…what the hell?

And now the team hosts a Barcelona side that is either on really terrible form or is a wounded tiger ready to maul someone, depending on your perspective. Sevilla, meanwhile, is struggling defensively, offensively, and as of this week also psychologically, as Marin has been allowed to return to his home country for some kind of unspecified “personal problem”. So…not a great look for Sevilla coming into a game that’s had its share of rotten recent memories, although for what it’s worth Manolo Jimenez is feeling confident in his old club, predicting a 2–1 win that I think I can safely say would make everyone here thoroughly ecstatic. In Sevilla’s favor, Puyol continues his ongoing proof to the world that he is simply too old to play at a top-level club every week by once again being out of the lineup for an injury; this is especially significant given that Mascherano and Alba will also be missing from the Catalan’s defensive front for sanctions. Of course it won’t matter, and Sevilla will likely battle heroically all game long to build a 1–0 lead only to see Fazio get a stupid red card followed by Messi waking from his recent slumber to score a late game brace, gifting Barca 3 points they did little to earn.

On that note, vamos, etc.

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  1. timspence1

    My prediction for the Sevilla starting 11



    Iborra -Carriço-Rakitic


    Gotta say though, I’d give Javi Varas a game to see if he could replicate his memorable game in the Camp Nou, Beto is great, just doesn’t seem to do many saves. Id keep Gameiro, Pareja, Moreno, Reyes and Vitolo on the bench and put Cristoforo in midfield with Iborra, Rakitic just infront and an attack of Jairo Bacca and Chershev

    1. timspence1

      And don’t forget, Gil Manzano has been replaced by Teixeira Vitienes, as Cristobal Soria would say, “this gives Sevilla 0% chance of winning”

    2. skallum

      Well excited as normal for these special games, I smell chances to get a revanche, of all of our annoying Barça games lately. I wish. It will depend on what face of the monster we will show tonight, lets hope its the one with class. However I am with Cristobal Soria on that one…

  2. Scott

    Man, I’m having a really hard time being optimistic right now. It’s like you said, depending on your perspective you may be viewing this game very differently. Unfortunately I see Barça as an angry tiger ready to maul us. To make things worse, Valencia seems to have found some kind of form and we could very well lose this match and our next against Valencia. I hate being so pessimistic right now and sorry if I’m bringing any of you down as well. On a positive note however, I recently received my new Sevilla kit for this season, had a friend mail me some Cruz Campo, and we still have a shot in Europa!

    1. Post

      Haha, the kit AND Cruzcampo?!? I was feeling pessimistic before but with your setup I don’t see how we can lose! BRING IT, BARCA!!!

  3. timspence1

    The storm hasn’t done anything too wild, just constant rain, I’m not sure what the best tactics are for a very wet, water-logged pitch. Still, I’m looking forward to the game and I won’t be too disappointed if we lose under all the circumstances.

    One thing that might be in our favour will be puddles and a skiddy pitch, if the home team starts well, long ball, pressure, errors guaranteed, might be Sevilla’s night but they will have to play very well to over-ride the refereeing decisions. Like Scott says, this game is vital to Barca, they will pull out all the tricks, diving and faking fouls.

    I wouldn’t be too down on the present situation, we have a difficult batch of games followed by a cosy run-in, I’m most concerned about the knock on effects if we get anyone sent off.

    1. shendm

      The condition of the pitch might go to our favor. I saw a statistics in barcaforum where Barca conceded most of their goals from the break (corner, free-kick etc.) and Sevilla scored a lot of them through the break. So… let’s score from the break and beat the bastards !

      I hope Emery will have something reserved for this match. Otherwise, if we lose, we will face Valencia next week, which will be also an extremely tough match. We can waive the 7th spot goodbye if we mess things up from now on, and even a good run in EL wouldn’t help to reach Europe next season…. can we win EL ? Naah !

    1. timspence1

      SFC Television have just put another lineup out without Gameiro, neither on the bench nor in the team, so there was some confusion despite the lineup going out half an hour earlier than usual. I still don’t know who’s playing, you just can’t believe anyone.

  4. timspence1

    Adriano starts for Barca, but not Alves.

    Montoya, Piqué, Bartra, Adriano
    Xavi, Song , Iniesta,
    Alexis, Messi, Pedro

    Barca without Mascherano, Neymar, Puyol and Jordi Alba.

  5. Mark

    Another great decision by the ref! A deliberate hand ball. So this is not a yellow card?? Oh it’s a Barca player already on a yellow card. I cannot believe how much the referee affect these matches. Incredible??

    1. timspence1

      It’s a joke, just another action replay of so many other games with Barca or Madrid, the truth is that we have to be very superior on the day to win the opposition and the referee.

      You might have heard the crowd chanting ‘corruption in the refereeing’

      Barca’s first goal was offside by a metre, the commentary said ‘you dont need a magnifying glass to see that it was offside’

    1. Niller

      Probably not replay the whole match. If the suspend it from the start of second half, they will just play on another time. Galatasaray and Juventus did it in the Champions League.
      I don’t think it will get suspended (unless Barcelona wants it to of course…) Levante and Real Madrid played a game to the end last season in much worse conditions.

  6. Niller

    It is sad times when those kind of decisions are pretty common. When I saw the replay I just laughed and though: well… no surprises there.
    It is ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. The players are playing well and most of them are giving their best in every tackle, but it takes a very strong psyche to keep playing like that time after time we meet Real Madrid or Barca. You just know the referee will be against you.

    Del Nido: PLEASE escape from jail and fight against those two greedy clubs! I am begging you!

  7. timspence1

    The Messi goal was the killer, we have to acknowledge that on two occasions Barca have counter-attacked against four Sevilla defenders, we were open to that. We need a bit more discipline from the centre players.

  8. timspence1

    I predict that Carriço or Moreno will get the red card before the game is over, if things get complicated for Barca and they are not comfortable at 75-80 minutes the ref will sort it.

  9. shendm

    Criminal…. I don’t know what else to say. Cheryshev what a waste of a player. Good job from the RFEF assisting Barca tonight. Our players should focus on training finishing more… they look like low division team players when in front of the goal, and that is shameful to watch and say you are a Sevilla fan.

  10. Niller

    It’s the same old story: the referees are taking us roughly from behind and on top of that we couldn’t score. I don’t think many of us had expected 3 points and most of us were prepared for one or more shitty ref-decisions against us.

    But look on the bright side: we only have one more of these games left (Real Madrid). And then there is no team left we can’t beat. Next weeks match against Valencia is crucial. They’ve been playing well recently but as I said: we can beat them. Just forget about these games against Real and Barca. If we win that is awesome, if we draw that is awesome but if we loose then f*** it. It’s not gonna change in the nearest future so we might just accept that “the two big” have all the power in Spain and concentrate on all the other 17 teams.

    No red cards and injuries. A win next week could remove some of the pressure. Come on!

  11. Mark

    Hard game to analyse the score flattered them. We hit the post and fluffed 2 clear chances in the 2nd half. To be fair I don’t take these games seriously anymore vs the big 2. Messi and the ref were the difference for Barca on the night

  12. Jazzer

    On a separate note, is there anyone else who thinks that Sevilla should bring back Joaquin Caparros in the summer? It seems a no brainer to me but I would like to hear what everyone else thinks.

    1. Niller

      I am kinda torn on that subject. Another coach and another change of tactics. I don’t think Emery will be here unless we win Europa League and finish in Europa League spots, but I just don’t see that happening. Maybe one of them, but not both.

      If we are forced to find a new one then sure, why not Caparros? He might bring some discipline in the squad and he will have the fans full support for a long period of time. I would much prefer him over Michael Laudrup. Even though we are countrymen I really don’t think he has done that much as a manager. There has always been something going on between him and directors and that is not what we need.

      So in conclusion: I would be okay with Caparros if Emery leaves.

  13. Niller

    Right, the morning after.. just a few words on the game: we were by far the best team up to and after the goal. That 1-1 offside-goal undoubtedly changed the game in Barca’s favor and from that moment it all went wrong. The ref made some mysterious decisions, but not all in Barca’s favor in my opinion, the defence were struggling like they did against Levante and Malaga, and the attack couldn’t score like in the game against Real Madrid.

    I won’t talk about the ref anymore. I don’t think there are anyone left that don’t see the pattern. In the last 4-5 games against Barca at least one major decision has gone their way. That’s a fact and theres nothing the team can do about it.

    What we can do something about: the defence. 10 goals in the last three games… no need to say that that is not good enough. But what happened? I remember a streak of games where we were somewhat solid in the back and there was a clear connection between the two defensive midfielders and the two centerbacks. Something is clearly not working and I am starting to fear that Emery is not the man to fix it…

    The attack: according to the statistics from, we had 15 shots where 4 were on target. Barca had 9 shots, 5 on target. No need to make a deeper analysis to point out who were more clynical. It is starting to get frustrating. If we had just been af few percent more sharp in finishing it would all have looked different. But then again: if we were in the lead of the score was tied, the penalty on Messi would surely had been called. I don’t doubt that a second…

    That’s it. Move on and forget about these fixtures against “the big two”. The next game against Valencia we will be without Diogo (again) so will we see Cicinho back? Hopefully we will not see Cherysev back… as of right now there are two players I don’t wanna see in the club next season: Navarro and Cherysev. And Marin is becoming a candidate as well. What is he doing? I haven’t seen him being a teamplayer yet and honestly I don’t think he will ever be as long as he plays for a club that is not Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barca etc. It’s a shame…

    1. Chris Lail

      I think what you saw in the last few games was Pareja playing along side Fazio instead of Carrico. The absence of MBia has been big in my opinion. His timely midfield tackles and precision passes are sorely missed in the midfield. On top of that, Carrico and Fazio had very nice communication established in the center. I would much rather see a young Cristoforo playing CDM and leaving Carrico in the back and Pareja on the bench.

  14. tirasus

    Ah dear oh dear. I ended up missing the first half where it sounds like we played best and the ref was very busy. From looking at the second half, with the amount of chances we had, we should have scored more. Need to be more clinical. Also, Valdes was outstanding, Iniesta was sublime, and Messi was…well Messi.

    I couldn’t see us winning this match to be honest. Even if we performed well, the refs always seem to take over. Must admit though that it could have been 1-5 if the ref have correctly called Fazio’s tackle as a penalty. He did take out Messi first admittedly, even though at first I thught it was an outstanding tackle.

    One thing that needs to change is Gameiro’s composure. He does nothing but panic in front of goal. Other than Carrico in defence instead of Pareja, and MBia, I thought this was a pretty solid lineup. I can only help Emery doesn’t think that the lineup was at fault this time. If we can start similar lineups to this we could get into a good run of form.

    I didn’t think Cheryshev did THAT badly. He got into some good positions, but you can see he is severely lacking match practice and sharpness. He has barely played any minutes the whole season.

    Trochowski did ok when he came on. Barca were just in ultra possession mode at that time, and even though he gave the ball away sloppily a few times it is good that he gets minutes.

    Only player I miss is Cicinho. Diogo has done well in his absence, but Cicinho was such a good technical player. Really hope he either gets minutes this season, or gets back solidly into the team next season. Don’t sell the guy, which I can see happening for some reason.

    If I was to bemoan anything especially, it would probably be Beto. Don’t get me wrong, I think at times he has done well for us, and always puts his all into every match, but we are building a top 6, maybe top 4 team here, and I just can’t see Beto as that standard of goalkeeper. Mid-to-high table (incididentally where we are) seems to be his level.

    If e want to build a top team, you have to have a top goalkeeper. They can be the difference between wins and losses. Valdes proved that today especially. Whether Keylor Navas is at that standard I’m not sure – his save percentage is certainly very high, but he was the difference for Levante, and we have all seen the effect of Courtois for Atleti most of this season.

    Much as the score line suggests otherwise, there aren’t all negatives coming out of this match.

  15. Mark

    Hi Niller, great post match review. I still have an issue with the refereeing though. Yes, we could have defended better, and should have finished our clear chances. Where I have an issue is the article publishing stats from the 1st half, in the write-up. In the first half the foul count was 13-2 in Barca’s favour? Both teams struggled on the water-logged pitch. But clearly we were penalized far more heavily? Why? Why was the referee only penalizing one team?
    Then add on to this, the offside goal, which to be fair, if it was 50/50, I don’t mind the odd one going against us, but when there are two static players positioned a couple of yards ahead from our last defender, that all began from a very dubious free-kick in the first place. This decision for me clearly changed the game. We were well on top and looking for a 2nd goal, then Barca got their lifeline.
    To make matters worse for us, the decision to ignore the very straight forward rule that is to award a yellow card for a deliberate and very clear hand ball, went against us? Why? The incident with Song which was not given (although a free-kick was given). Does it surprise you when this happens against Barca anymore? I mean we have fresh in our memories what clear and patently wrong decisions they received in the Nou Camp this season. I’m trying not to be too cynical here but clearly when one team is continuously being given the multiple benefit of the doubt’s on key decisions that are not even 50/50 marginal, it is hard for our team to compete on a level footing. The key match facts in this case clearly present themselves, fair enough in the second half they weathered the storm better (quite literally) and bagged a couple more goals (Messi et al) that sealed the win.

    1. Niller

      I agree on the ref-thing, but theres just nothing we can do about it. It’s frustrating when it happens over and over again but what can we do? Sevilla FC have posted this on their website: and apparently filed a complaint. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the ref gets a ban, but that’s it. We lost and there’s nothing we can do about it. If it had happened just this one time it would be a lot easier but how many refs have been banned after they’ve played a Sevilla-game in recent years?

      I’ve been saying a bad thing or two about Biris lately but I am joining them when they sing: “Estoy hasta la polla del Barca y del Madrid”…

  16. Mark

    Hi Niller, I agree it’s very frustrating, and you are correct there is nothing you can do about it. Absolutely nothing. I’ve research web archives and found the following;Over the past couple of seasons, the following has happened against Barcelona:

    In October 2012; Mateu Lahoz was suspended for one game, after the following incident; when Gary Medel was controversially given his marching orders for appearing to headbutt Cesc Fabregas, while Sevilla boss Michel was sent to the stands for protesting. Lahoz also missed a handball by Thiago in the build-up to David Villa’s winning goal. The RFEF have deemed the expulsion of Medel unwarranted, given what took place during the player’s confrontation with Fabregas. “On one hand, there is no aggression in the strictest sense. It was a struggle between two rival players, who brought together their heads and it did not lead to a clearly violent event,” the RFEF said in a statement. “On the other side, the rival player has clearly exaggerated the effect of the struggle, feigning to have received a violent headbutt. Yet, Gary Medel was sent off as if he were guilty of a violent act. Consequently, a clear technical error is apparent as the facts of the case do not warrant the punishment given.”

    On 14th September, Muñiz Fernández took centre stage in the game between Barcelona and Sevilla after inexplicably disallowing a goal by Cala which would have put Sevilla back on level terms at the Camp Nou. The referee marked an apparent foul by the Sevilla player on Alves as he headed home. Sevilla’s anger multiplied moments later when Alexis scored the winning goal for Barcelona after the added time which was initially announced had already transpired. His name does not currently appear in the line-ups for the next two sets of fixtures. According to radio station ‘Cope’, the punishment is the result of his performance in the Barcelona-Sevilla game, although the Elche game will not have given this controversial referee any plus points.

    Then we have the farcical refereeing in the first half on Sunday. Fouls 13-2, the offside goal, the Song handball no yellow. In all these games, the common denominator is that we have been on either top or at least looking to get back on equal terms. They have all been very close at the time of the “incidents”. You cannot even say, it’s the Barca receiving benefit of a “home” decision, as this happens more in our own stadium. If Teixeira receives any sort of punishment for the one-sided performance on Sunday, then we are literally running out of referees to officiate this fixture for us. I mean, in the last 4 league games, 2 referees have been banned and Sevilla are making the complaint in the last game. It is very difficult to know what to do about it. However, surely this cannot continue? We really have to make ourselves heard now to put an end to this officiating against us.

    1. timspence1

      Don’t forget that early in the Real Madrid game, JA Teixeira Vitienes gave Madrid a penalty that wasn’t a foul and wasn’t in the area.

      This is how they control games, decisions at crucial moments weigh more importantly. The Granada manager has said that it’s not the penalties and offsides, it’s the timing of the decision, the ref can hand wave away a midfield foul against a Sevilla midfielder and Madrid go on to score taking benefit of the momentary loss of concentration, as happened in the Bernabeu, there was an almost violent foul ignored (against Jairo) and Madrid scored. (half time 3-2) the ref saved Madrid.

      The refs know what sort of results the league wants to satisfy the big money, and without directly being involved in any corruption they will ref as the league would desire, the punishments are just to deflect attention away from what is really happening. The ref benefits by getting the big games.

      That’s my version, of course I might be wrong and the refs are truly corrupt.

      If that level of refereeing support were applied to Betis then Betis would be in the top 3, It’s that simple.

  17. shendm

    Great comments guys… it is really enjoyable, and it helps ease the anger of the loss and injustice against our beloved club.

    In a funny note to make the environment even more relaxing, an interesting wiki search for Alberto Moreno:

    They really like left-wings, don’t they ?

  18. Mark

    Can’t help but think the home game against Valencia could be significant in deciding how long or short Emery’s tenure with the club will be?

  19. Chris Lail

    Anyone want to comment to this email contact we had?

    Comment: Hi. My name is Hannes and i write for an austrian fanzine called ballesterer. Right now i am working on an article about Del Nido. I was wondering, if you could answer me some questions.

    -How would you generally valuate the era of Del Nido?
    -Will he be able to keep the control of the club, no matter how long his sentence will be?
    -Do you see any other person/fraction, that could try to overtake the club?

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