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Sevilla travel to Madrid to take on Rayo Vallecano in a few hours.  Rayo is sitting one spot ahead of Betis in 19th place in La Liga, fighting to get out of the relegation spot.  Since the new year, Rayo is 2-4-1 and are coming off a 6 goal drudging by Barcelona.

Our beloved Sevilla side isn’t fairing much better going 1-3-3 since the start of the year.  Sevilla is coming of a mid week Europa league tie with NK Maribor picking up two important away goals.

The game this morning is no doubt a must win for our boys and a great game to hopefully regain some form.  A win would put Sevilla in 7th place which is a European qualifying spot.  Rayo hasn’t beaten Sevilla since January 2012, so hopefully that streak continues.  I’m not sure who’s out other than Cheryshev.

Side note, I really hate the noon starts, especially when Bein Sports here in the US doesn’t show 6am games for some reason meaning I have no way to DVR the game; No way I’m waking up that early.

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  1. shendm

    That Iborra’s thing was one of the most retarded refereeing decision in my entire football-watching career, if I can say it like that. No one gives a yellow just like that, let alone when a player already had one…. that’s just… WOW !

    One could start developing the feel that referees are disgusted by seeing Sevilla win and want to see them lose or draw by all means. Ridiculous ain’t it ?

    However, nothing in this match serves as an excuse for our overly poor performance in general. Besides being a boring match, our players looked unmotivated and bored themselves also. Thank goodness we won, considering that many of our players are totally off-form, especially Rakitic… besides that assist (which was off-play set piece), his in-play game was quite poor. He needs to step his game up for the next matches to come, as they will be decisive for our season destiny.

    3 points are always good, but the poor performance needs to be fixed. I could understand somehow that Emery wanted to do some rotations considering the return leg next Thursday against Maribor… but I don’t know why it was the need to use and tire all of our full-backs, by fielding them all today.

    The thing that skallum wrote during the half time break (I’m fed up with Emery), I wanted to write it in the match against Valencia, but I don’t think sacking Emery would make the situation any better. Even though he really messed up with some tactical stuff, he will probably not be sacked until summer. I read that there is some Caparros – our president thing going on so I don’t know what to say, time will surely tell.

  2. tirasus

    Thinking about it. They often say that the sign of a good team is one that grinds out results when it doesn’t play well. I suppose that’s comforting. Still, we haven’t seen any really good play now for a while. I don’t know what to make of all this

  3. jolazo

    Just read through all the comments. Sounds like a really depressing/disappointing performance. Cowardly team selection again. Navarro has played fairly well this year, so I understand starting him, but can we please stop putting Alberto on the LW. Do we really need 2 defensive midfielders against Rayo????

  4. skallum

    Reading stuff about the post-match press conference; seems that Emery is quite happy about the game… I know managers got a moral duty and all, but really!? c’mon…

  5. Niller

    This is not a comment only concerning the Rayo game, but more in general:

    Is it just me or does Emery look kinda depressed? Not only on the sideline but in his post-match interviews as well. I remembered him as a man with lots of energy and commitment in everything he did and though he still is very active on the sideline I often see him with an empty look on his face or looking down on the ground with his hands in his pocket.
    I tried watching bits from his post-match interview yesterday and the interview from the day we beat Rayo 4-1. I might be totally off but I just don’t see the same spark he had so many months ago when he first took over at Sevilla FC.
    Is he realizing that his time as a manager in Sevilla is coming to a halt? It is no secret he his being more and more criticized from fans and journalists and the results have not been in his favor recently.

    Personally I think he is a very sympathetic man, but I am also starting to fear that he is not the right man for this job. Which leads me to my actual point: new manager? We have changed managers sooooo many times in the last few years and the result is always the same: a period of great results and some sort of consistency but it always seem to just stop… we are going nowhere. When people ask me what kind of football Sevilla plays I usually just shrugs and the reply is “direct football… and we are very good on corners and freekicks!”

    Is the answer a certain Caparros? Can he, as he did so many years ago, create an identity for Sevilla and make the players motivated? Or will he end up as Emery, Michel, Marcelino, Manzano etc.? I guess only time will tell…

  6. Mark

    Hi all, many thanks for the commentary. Niller makes a great point which I fully agree with.
    My thoughts on this match are, we won 0-1; and that’s it. Forget about it and move on to the crucial game in mid-week. We played away on Thursday and got a creditable 2-2; then playing away on the Sunday was never going to easy or (pretty); there are games in the season that do pan-out this way. I suspect the frustration in the performance is more based on an accumulation of this type of non-descript style of play we have seen for some time now. However considering all the goals we have been shipping lately a boring 0-1 is ok for me.
    I have been reading some of the well-respected Sevillista bloggers, of the match report, and not too surprisingly they are unanimous in venting their frustration at the lack of intensity and lack of a good quality of football our team is currently playing. This is a very difficult debate, and to be honest I am unsure of how to keep a balanced perspective on things? For the past 3 seasons, we have chopped and changed managers; we have produced some excellent players that have been signed by the top clubs in Europe. Yet our play in the majority of games has been dire. Therefore we have had a clear out in the summer, in part to inject some much needed cash in the coffers and create a squad of younger players looking to make a name for themselves, not being over-dependent on Navas and Negredo. Albeit some of them already well established internationals. (Bacca, Gameiro) I think a question that will pose itself in the summer, re our loan based strategy for certain key areas of the team, my take on this is for some players it will prove useful, for other players that for whatever reason due to form or injuries may fall out of favour, then it has its negatives. I cannot see Marin (not used often enough after the injury), Mbia (injured?) or Cheryshev back next season. Carrico has proved to be an excellent acquisition. I think Pareja has proved to be disappointing, ironically I think he will stay. You could argue we had similar issues of loyalty/commitment (if they are the correct expressions) when we were using Doyen Group. However all that said. I still retain the fact that we started the season with an excellent squad, a great balance of youth (Jairo, Cristoforo, Alberto), experience (Navarro) Mbia, Iborra) and some players at their peak (Fazio, Bacca, Rakitic).
    The debate over Emery is an interesting one. No judgment can be made until the season has finished. We can do all the debating then. In truth I was hoping for more. A better use of the squad, higher intensity, clearer definition of formation and tactics, better defending, I could go on…There are so many elements of our play that are disappointing. I just hope that the players are responding to whatever he is trying to do. The fundamental disappointment this year key area which has been how we set up so defensively in each game, and any sort of creative or passing play. Niller makes a great point using the words of identity and motivation, we haven’t had this for some time. The journalists are very demanding at the RSP, perhaps at times too much , however as of late performances individually and collectively have deteriorated. Yes, there have been mistakes this year, I think the Cala sale and many good players being under-utilized I think will haunt us in the summer, trocho, Rusescu, cristoforo, Jairo, Marin, Rabello have hardly featured at all. It’s hard to know how team morale is but I feel for the likes of the Gameiro and the others I have mentioned that don’t seem to happy in their play at the moment. Still this is the time of the season when we must stick together. We are where we are and still have plenty to play for. We cannot afford another repeat of a poor home performance in the cup, (Santander). I really hope we save our best form for the Europa, and somehow scrape 7th place in the league.

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