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It wouldn’t be the first time, but today’s Europa match represents for Sevilla an opportunity to get its shit together after a series of disappointing results has threatened to completely derail what had been a very promising season at the winter break. For now all is most definitely not lost in La Liga, though, and today’s match represents an excellent opportunity to advance in a tournament that’s been kind to the team in the past, and a strong showing (let’s say…at least to the semifinals) would if we’re honest represent a nice achievement if we once again end up in 7th, just good enough for Europe but nowhere near where we’d like to be at season’s end. Let’s see what the team can manage–VAMOS!!!

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  1. skallum

    The line-up for today was:

    Vitolo(on the right for sure!?)-Rakitic-Cheryshev

  2. skallum

    Oh Man, not a single good plan shown, stupid longballs very reckless no idead. Rakitic, giving away the ball, like its a ticking bomb. In addition, our pression on them is uncoordinated and a waste of energy.

  3. skallum

    That… Kevin Gameiro… had to be a goal! Good pass from Marin who entered for Cheryshev.

    1 min later! GAMEIRO GOOOOOOLLL!!!!! Assist Rakitic, Kevin slides in the ball. Nice start atleast!

  4. Chris Lail

    Trochowski looked pretty good in his limited playing time. The shot off the post was a cracking shot. Did Cheryshev get hurt or was he just so poor that Emery took him off before halftime?

    1. skallum

      I’m Really not sure, but he was playing poor indeed so it could have been a combination of both, since I’ve seen him lying on the ground some time as well. But I missed the part when he was taken off so… It was a good substitution anyway.

  5. shendm

    I have a request regarding the match threads and I know others probably also do. Could there please be match threads at least 1 day before the match and not in the match day (mostly shortly before starting), so that we can discuss a bit about the match like: lineups, facts, thoughts, predictions etc.

    Thanks a lot.

    VAMOS !

    1. Chris Lail

      Is that volunteering to write some game post I here from Shendm? :-) We have the forum option that we could start using to start talking about games earlier than writing blog post about them. It would probably make writing the game updates easier.

    2. shendm

      Hahahhah, actually not quite :P, I’d rather just comment on the prepared game post, you guys somehow formulate it better when it comes to that. But yeah, the forums pre-match thread seems nice and the calendar thing also. (Y)

  6. skallum

    Turns out, we bought Nico Pareja, and he signed a contract till 2017, according to Eldesmarque and we paid 2.5 Million. Exactly what someone here stated last games, We were probably going to sign the one that hardly impressed us…

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