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Malaga – Sevilla Match Comments

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Last week Sevilla had been on an incredible run of results, so of course like a dummy I wrote a post cursing the team by stating how well the team had been playing. And then the team promptly lost a thrilling and ultimately frustrating loss to Levante. Obviously I accept all blame for the loss, but I have to say (as we did on Twitter shortly after the game) that although the loss was in some sense all the more frustrating for the simple fact that the team deserved to win, at the same time this was a much more encouraging loss than some we saw at the beginning of the season, when Sevilla seemed to lack a coherent idea in basically any phase of the game. So of course there’s no points for moral victories and all of that, but at the same time even the loss served, for me anyway, to show how far this team has come this year.

This week our heroes take the short trip to rivals and Andalucían neighbors Malaga, who haven’t particularly impressed this year or really at all since making a sudden appearance in Europe a few seasons back. The game is perhaps not a “must win” as there’s plenty of season left and basically no one in La Liga has shown themselves to be the paragon of consistency, but with a 5 point gap between Sevilla in 7th and Real Sociedad in 6th (and an alarming 11 points to Bilbao in 4th), it’s not hard to see the team’s options for anything better than 7th rapidly disappearing if too many of the coming weeks see less than max points.

So let’s hope Sevilla brought their recently rediscovered away form on the bus, and let’s all meet here to cheer them to the beginning of their next winless streak! VAMOOOOO

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  1. tirasus

    Well Jeremy, accepting all blame for the loss is a good start…

    I have returned my pitchfork to the garage, but I’m keeping my torch lit…just in case
    *looks shifty*

    ……aaand also because its quite chilly here

    Now where did I put that sconce…

  2. shendm

    Would be happy with a draw… thrilled with a victory (which I doubt will happen), and very disappointed in a loss… that would be a bye-bye to European places with Levante doing well lately and Valencia reinforced for battles.

  3. timspence1

    I actually think we’ll win this, we’re stronger than p*ta Málaga and despite Mbia being absent (doesn’t want to get a red card before the Barcelona game) we should do it.

    Am I the only one with confidence tonight?

    Expet Cheryshev to figure in the game, he’ll probably come on late and score the winner or get injured.

  4. Jolazo

    “Once del @sevillafc en Málaga: Beto, Coke, Nico Pareja, Fazio, F.Navarro, Alberto, Iborra, Rakitic, Reyes, Vitolo y Bacca”

    Wingbacks with 3 at the back? Or is Moreno playing on the left wing with either Reyes or Vitolo playing centrally?

    I hate playing Moreno on the left wing. Much rather just play him at left back.

  5. jrmrhr

    FWIW I think we’ll win. Malaga are now 4 straight games without scoring a goal. I think they’ll break that streak against Sevilla, but I think Sevilla will score MORE goals. And then wiiiiiiiin.

  6. jolazo

    This lineup is much too defensive. We aren’t playing Madrid or Barca. It’s Malaga. 4 attackers is not enough.

    Emery is so inconsistent with his formations.

  7. timspence1

    That wasn’t a penalty and the ref also yellow cards Vitolo for falling in the box, too rigorous both decisions.

    Sevilla need to up their game, but Coke is chulo, since about 2 or 3 months he has been costly, he’s playing for Coke not the team, it’s time to say goodbye to Coke.

    He’s a reasonably good player but something has turned his head, Emery needs to know that and take the decision to erase him from the teamsheet until his attitude is under control.

  8. Niller

    I am fed up with those high, long passes. We were able to play some sort of football against Atletico but against Malaga, we are being pushed all the way back to our own goal and are playing one long pass after the other.
    I say ditch one of the three central defenders (Navarro hopefully) and bring on a midfielder. Use that midfield and don’t just skip that link and go directly from defence to attack. It’s driving me crazy!
    Malaga have been able to play great football but only because our midfield is non-existent. Plzz do something from the BEGINNING of second half, Emery, ’cause nothing is working out there today. Clearly!

  9. tirasus

    We are so much more threatening when

    1) Vitolo plays on the left
    2) Gameiro and Bacca both play

    This happens nearly every game. Why can’t we start this way

    Effectively playing 5 at the back at the moment (Moreno-Navarro-Fazio-Pareja-Diogo) but from the way our defence plays at the moment it’s not a bad thing.

    A sort of 5-1-3-1 at the moment since Rakitic is playing much higher up. Practically no midfield

    1. tirasus

      Comes on for Vitolo, who has been very good imo today. Just needs to get his crossing more accurate because his powerful dribbling is scary

    1. Post
  10. Post
  11. tirasus

    Full time 3-2

    Another bad start with wrong lineup, good subs, good reaction, and a late implosion

    This time oh, we didnt need the ref’s help to do it

    1. Chris Lail

      I don’t understand the damn starting lineup at all. Moreno at the wing has done nothing for this team the last two tries. Uggg I don’t want to talk anymore. Time to go get drunk. My university lost to their rivals today too. Terrible sports day.

  12. timspence1

    Well done Alberto Moreno, another goal that cost us the game because you tried an acrobatic clearance when it’s better to stay on your feet. If the attacker gets the ball you have another chance to close him down and defend, but if you are on the ground you can’t do that. I don’t blame Moreno, I blame Emery for not correcting the error when it first happened.

  13. Post

    If you need a guy to be standing nearby while the other team scores phenomenal goals, it’s hard to imagine doing better than Alberto Moreno. He’ll watch passes go right by his feet and then be sure to get very near (but do nothing to impede) someone scoring a fantastic goal. HE IS REALLY GOOD AT THIS.

  14. shendm

    Sevilla is currently very pathetic. I feel sorry for this team honestly. I miss the times when we had at least one undisputed starter as right winger (Navas) and two solid left wingers competing for a place (Capel, Perotti). Now we have a bunch of crappy inconsistent wingers who will make you puke every time you watch them perform. We have a Vitolo who is invisible in most of the matches, a Jairo that one might think he is sold or loaned out, I really don’t know why he isn’t featured anymore. A Marin who is more injured than fit. A totally out of form Perotti, also more injured than fit. A silly inexperienced Cheryshev (still can’t figure out why we loaned such a player…. I mean, did we really need him ?) who is very injury prone. Then an extremely inconsistent Reyes that sometimes features on wings, and a Gameiro who also features on the right wing sometimes like tonight, but is very shaky, inconsistent and lacks confidence. He is also inexistent in air… I can’t even think of a time when he won an air duel against any opponent player… none.

    This is probably time to say goodbye to Europe for the next year, considering the heavy competition that is only raising lately, with an in-form and reinforced Valencia, in-form Levante and an unpredicted Espanyol who might seriously challenge us for the top 7, as everyone could tell now that the team is aiming to protect the 7th place, that would send to EL after the Copa rule.

    The other way of course is winning the EL, but with this pathetic level and by not showing signs of improvement (no light at the end of the tunnel), I can see our team out in the coming round against Maribor.

    That’s it for the optimism this season. Even that tiny optimism that we started to create lately with the no-loss-since-November thing… it seems that it was quite artificial, because at the end, you can’t expect more from these players.

    Well… there is always another season.

  15. Niller

    So much for our 9 points advantage to 8th place… if we loose to Barca next week we might be equal with Valencia and Levante in the table. I don’t think 4th place is a realistic goal at the moment but we have all the possibilities to get that 7th place and play in Europe again next season. If we could just get some form of consistency!

    I think the classic formation with 4-2-31 has been working very well in this season with Rakitic behind the attacker and two defensive midfielders protecting the defence. Especially if those two are Iborra and Carrico. But for some reason, Emery keeps experimenting with the formation and the players.

    One thing I did not understand at all in this game was the last substiution: Cherysev. Is he really better than Trochowski? They’ve both been out for a long time with injuries but at least Trochowski has some experience. I simply don’t understand why Cherysev gets picked before Trochowski. Although the position on the wing might be Cherysev’s favorite, but i’ve seen Trochowski play all the forward positions and even a deep midfield…

    Well… back to basics I guess. 1 point in the first three matches.

  16. skallum

    Pfff that must have been very dissapointing last night. To be honoust I also was quite convinced we should win this but everytime I’ve got that feeling it does not happen, or I have that feeling to often which makes it unreal. When I was reading the comments (thanks all btw) half way through I was worrying and didn’t feel all the excitement at 1-2, but then 3-2, again. Thats unfortunate lets say, but it all just our own fault.

    Valencia winning from Barça and playing great, I can only applaude for that at the moment. But it is not sure that they can continue and win it all now, no (almost) team can do that.

  17. timspence1

    Sad to hear about Luis Arragones.

    Also sad to hear that Cala had rescinded his contract and signed for Cardiff at the last minute. Disappointed that it didn’t appear in the press yesterday even though it was obvious when Cala was replaced by Luismi on the team bus for Málaga.

  18. Mark

    Hello All,
    Thanks again for the real time commentary. Seems to me we had a real opportunity to grab three points but blew it again.
    On the face of it when you are leading 2-1 away from home with less than 15 minutes to play. For me the team has done the hard part to battle back from behind, and get themselves into a winning position. All that needs to be done now is to see the game through. So at all times retain possession, and break-up the opposition play. What would also help is to replace tired legs with experienced, or defensive minded players to sure things up. Having read the forum, we did none of these, so therefore for the second week running we have threw away points whereby we have been in a commanding position. Levante and Malaga will not be challenging for top 6 this year, which makes it even worse.
    I have read some of the post match bloggers from local sources. They are unanimous in their critics of Emery. I must admit, I share the same frustration in terms of the ever changing formations, tactics and personnel. A lack of sensible and straight forward of match management I feel has cost us many points this season. I must admit I was expecting better from Emery, the performance of so many of our players is dropping at an alarming rate. The great managers, whether they are master tacticians or not, do tend to get the very best out of each player. Currently I’m not seeing this at Seville. Yes, you could argue Cap Rak, has been playing great and Bacca. But I see so much potential at the club far under utilized. Where is Jairo? Cristoforo not having game time in the absence of Mbia? Trocho? What has happened to Gameiro lately? Diogo? I sense there are players that are lacking confidence, but I think it could be more than that, are they are bit disillusioned about what limited roles they are being given? A note on Cheryshev, again in the spirit of this forum, we are Sevillistas 100% and anyone who has the honour to wear our shirt we back 200%!! However in the first game back from a lengthy injury, why was this substitute used? We have let Bryan Rabello go out on loan, a player that has a lengthy contract with us. Why have a player coming from Real Madrid B, on a season long loan with no purchase (having played only 10 mins in the first half of the season), to occupy minutes on the field in a very important moment, ahead of more experienced contracted SFC players? Can somebody please explain this?
    In order for us to bounce back, we have to play Barcelona – Great.. Followed by a resurgent Valencia, and an awkward trip away to Rayo. Sandwiched in between are our Europa League games. If we are not careful our season could go up in smoke in the next three weeks, all because of what appears to me to an under management of the fantastic playing resources we have, when really we should be entering this phase on the back of two routine victories. This season could end up…??well we’ll see what happens.
    A note on Cala, it is reported that we have gained 350,000Euros, and Getafe have earned 1.2M Euros. For a player that has featured in 19 games this year quite a poor return really, I really hope this departure doesn’t come back to haunt us. I am far from convinced of our back line having conceded 6 goals in the last couple of games. Fazio, Pareja and Carrico, and at a push Navarro should be enough cover for the centre of defence. I wish good luck to Cala, my last image of him playing for Sevilla, was scoring that amazing header away against Villareal. I hate to see players that have come through the academy sold for peanuts (Capel, Luna, Campana) etc. Whilst we continually squander money and on players which have far less ability and for players we don’t need, (Cheryshev, Stevanovic, Maduro) etc etc.

  19. Mark

    Thanks Chris, I appreciate that.
    I think what sums up my feeling at the moment is that we seem to be our own worst enemy. Take for example the game against Malaga. They had scored for over 4 matches prior to playing us. We arrive, and wallop 3 goals! I mean, where was the response after conceding 3 goals against Levante? Have they scored 3 goals in one match this year?
    I’m not so big on using stats however, at this point in the season we have conceded 37 goals. This is our worst goal conceding record since 1968. Again, it’s easy to point the finger at stats but I think we all agree that when we are good, we are good, however when we are bad we are very bad. These bad days overall are far more frequent for my liking, with hardly any mitigating circumstances in many games to defend against? I agree in the first part of the season, the players needed time to gel, we were unlucky with tough fixtures, key defensive injuries and the odd game where we suffered bad referring. However, we got through the Europa group phase, the early rounds of the Cup, climbed the league which was a great success. Currently, instead of the team being on an upward trajectory, for the most part now we are simply still seeing different formations, so many players out of form and other players playing routinely out of position, For me more baffling is that I genuinely have no real inclination to how the team will actually perform on the night? Good, bad, indifferent – who knows? Oh, also throw into the mix many substitution changes that play right into the opposition hands. We are back to square one again.
    Without beating the doom & gloom drum too much, I read earlier today that apparently Mbia has said after the loan expires he wants to return to London, and also what looks like the imminent departure of Perotti to Boca Juniors. The winter transfer window has definitely weakened our squad. I feel in the summer, Marin will depart (he looks a withdraw figure at the moment), and after a good world cup possibly Rakitic especially if we have a poor end to the season.
    It’s a critical time for me, we have to turn this around, but with the next league games against Barca and Valencia it will be tough. It will be interesting to see how Castro presides over this. What big decisions are looming? Will he make his own mark on the team at some point? It all makes for a very interesting second half of the season. There’s never a dull moment at the RSP!

  20. Chris Lail

    Wow, now that Perotti has been loaned out to Boca Juniors and Cala is off to Cardiff, the only guys that are on the roster that were around last season are: Beto, Fazio, Cicinho, Navarro, Moreno, Rakitic, Reyes, Trochowski, and Coke.

  21. Mark

    I suspect this loan move signals the last time we have see him in a Sevilla shirt. I dont envisage him playing for us again, even the loan move is only 4 months, now he is in his homeland. Im not sure when his contract expires with us? He has had more than his fair share of back luck over the past few years with niggling injuries. I guess not having 100% support from the fans, and the constant boos in the stadium meant this situation was always going to happen, Good luck Diego, I genuinely hope everthing works out for you..

  22. Chris Lail

    What are you all’s thoughts on the Ronaldo/Ref suspension? The Ref gives a red….the league adds 2 games to CR7’s suspension and then suspends the Ref for a month? I think that is the definition of bad parenting. :-)

  23. skallum

    For me, Despite the disinterest in this case, it confirms the abnormal and random guidance of the liga, yet I don’t think it was red.

  24. timspence1

    It’s a big weekend for Sevilla and before the Marin catastrophe I was thinking the change of referees was the biggest issue.

    Someone was asking about Perotti, his contract expires in June 2015.

    On Cala, he signed for €308,000 for 2 and half years with Cardiff City. He’s expected to play in the ‘Derby’ with Swansea this weekend. (I still don’t know who gets the €308,000)

    Some of you older Monchis might recall what happened in 2006. We had a home cup game with Barcelona in the middle of a fixture jam. The game was cancelled at five minutes to midnight with 30,000 fans inside the stadium, a massive storm of hail had flooded the pitch. The official decided to wait to see how the drainage worked but just before midnight they gave up, I remember it well, I was there, maybe Aaron or Jeremy too.

    The referee was the same referee that will referee tomorrows game.

    Anybody know why Kanoute is back in Sevilla? News is out but nobody is saying why.

  25. timspence1

    Squad to face Barcelona

    Beto, Javi Varas, Diogo, Fazio, Pareja, Navarro, Alberto Moreno, Carriço, Iborra, Cristóforo, Rakitic, Trochowski, Vitolo, Jairo, Cheryshev, Reyes, Gameiro, Bacca.

  26. shendm

    With 20 minutes to go in the match, Valencia is thrashing putaBetis with 4 to 0. As things stand, at least until the next week when we face them, they sit in the 7th place, with us having one match less. Supposedly (and logically) we lose to Barca tonight, we are in the 8th place. Any mistake from next week onwards, will mean bye bye to the Europa places for the next season, since Valencia is heavily reinforced and back in great form, along with Espanyol and Levante right behind us, while we are sinking like Titanic.

    1. timspence1

      Well it finished Valencia 5 Betis 0, more surprising that Atleti lost 2-0 in Almeria. Barca will remain 3rd if they don’t beat Sevilla.

      Dejavu – a large tropical storm is expected to hit Sevilla province between 6 and 8, just an hour before the game.

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